Return Policy

Return policy
The quality of our products is very good because we have strict quality control inspection. To add to your peace of mind, we also offer a full 30-day return guarantee for each purchase. Buy with confidence and enjoy a great shopping experience!
Items returned upon receipt of the refund or within 30 days of the refund must meet the following conditions:
There is something wrong with the goods we received. Please send us a photo of the product (we will resend the order).
2. The product model/size/color we received is not correct, please send us the product photo (we will resend the order).
3. Items to be returned must be in their original packaging and unused. We can accept your return, but you have to bear all the shipping costs.
We will not accept returns under the following conditions:
1. Product warranty for more than 30 days.
2. Items that have been cleaned, worn, used or damaged.
3. The outer packaging is damaged, but the quality of shoes is not affected, because the express delivery has uncontrollable factors.
You ordered the wrong size and style.
5. We will resend the parcels intercepted by Chinese customs, but we are not responsible for those intercepted by foreign customs.
Note: All return requests need to contact our customer service via email to obtain a shipping address. Otherwise, we will not accept the exchange request.
6. We do not assume any responsibility for the packaging damage caused by customers not signing orders due to local taxes or other reasons.
Returns the process and time frame
Please carefully follow our return procedures to reduce delays:
1. If your product is refundable (see above), please contact our customer service with your order number and the reason for the return.
2. Our customer service team will respond to your request within 24 hours and provide you with our return address.
3. Please return the goods according to the requirements of customer service, and send the return voucher (express number) and valid return receipt to us.
4. Once we receive the returned item, we will contact you via email and arrange a replacement or refund within 3 days.
Note: Please do not send your reply to the address on your package. This is not our return address and will affect your return processing.
We will not refund the shoes until we receive them in accordance with the above return conditions, and we will do our best to provide you with 100% satisfaction